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Health Care and American Exceptionalism: Not Even Close.

Health Care and American Exceptionalism: Not Even Close.

Only 16% of the American population support the pending Trumpcare Bill.


Of course, these words describe the current bills from both the House and the Senate concerning the new Trumpcare bill, as well as the ACA they are trying to supplant.

 These bills do not represent the "best of America" or America at all.  We are a far better nation than these paltry political efforts imply.  

If we are an Exceptional nation, then we should start to act like it.  Exceptional not something you proclaim, something one claims.  Instead, Exceptional is either something a nation is or is not.   Exceptionalism is "self evident" to all who gaze upon our national efforts.  We either are or are not an Exceptional country.  

So far, our efforts toward Exceptionalism in Healthcare have failed.  The United States has failed her citizens.

The health care proposals put forth by the House and the Senate or the Democratic Congress before them, in no way demonstrate American Exceptionalism.  Our efforts weak and pathetic.  The provisions of the current Trumpcare Bills don't even begin to fulfill the President's guarantee of "lower premiums," "better healthcare," "lower deductibles, or to "cover everyone."  Not even close.  

Clearly, "access" (and this is the pivotal concept) is not the same as guaranteed coverage.
  The proposed bills do indeed guarantee coverage, but by every account at costs that can never be affordable nor the deductibles manageable by the vast majority of the middle class. It goes without saying that the House/Senate plans will be completely unattainable by the working poor and destitute.

These bills under consideration are particularly cruel to the most needy and defenseless of Americans: the elderly in Medicaid & Medicare assisted nursing facilities.  

If "American Exceptionalism" means anything at all to this nation, we urge you to redouble your efforts to bring sanity and quality healthcare to the American pubic.

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