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I've been on the road a lot. Thought I'd let my readers know about some

podcasts I really enjoyed this trip.  

Politics & Prose Arlie Russell Hichschild 

Spent 5 years in LA researching the Tea Party and the nascent Trump movement voters.  Most worthwhile listen


Backstory - American History guys
American Manufacturing in 5 objects
Jefferson, Franklin and Adams figure prominently in the Musket

The Axe Files - Fareed Zakaria

An amazing and erudite conversation with an international political thinker.

Modern War Institute - US Military Academy : The American Soldier Experience with Sebastian Junger
From West Point, a discussion with Sebastian Junger on the soldier’s experience in SWA.


Ezra Klein Show Podcast with Francis Fukuyama

Probably the best political system thinker in America.  


KERA Think - General Marquis de Lafayette & the American Revolution

Geo. Washington’s near step-son and his effects on the American Revolution


Freakonomics Has the US Presidency become a Dictatorship? 
(hint, it mostly has always been)

Making Contact : Thwarting Democracy: the battle for voting rights
Two superb pieces on states and voting rights dirty tricks. 

Reveal podcast:  Voting Rights and wrongs






P. J. O'Rourke at the Commonwealth Club

P. J. O'Rourke at the Commonwealth Club

Who Will Save Podcasting?

Who Will Save Podcasting?