Founders, Demagogues, & the American Presidency - podcast

And you thought things were bad now...

Founders, Demagogues, & the American Presidency - podcast

NATIONAL CONSTITUTION CENTER- The Founders, Demagogues, and the American Presidency Podcast

Despite the Founding Myth, suspicion between the colonies (and after the Articles of Confederation, the States was extreme). Each suspected the others of plotting against the other. They all feared charismatic orators like Henry Clay, suspecting he would be a demagogue and later tyrant. They feared rabble-rousers like Samuel Adams, who organized 3000 people to assault the Customs house in Boston. They feared strong armies and crippled Washington’s.

In short, they were just like us!

In this episode of the podcast "Live at the National Constitution Center," experts discuss the demagogic nature of the American presidency. They trace the historical journey of the presidency, from George Washington to modern presidents who have fanned populist passions. The experts also offer solutions for restoring the vision of the constitutional presidency. The podcast is moderated by Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center