Racial Discrimination - a 3-fer!

Racial Discrimination - a 3-fer!

I've been thinking a lot about the School to Prison Pipeline for black youth.

A scheme this diabolical cannot be an accident.

1-fer - if people can't discriminate in hiring based on race, then they certainly can still discriminate based on felony convictions.
2-fer - And then, if they're felons, they can't vote.
4-fer - Finally, in the boom in private prisons companies, often with "fill the bed because you're gonna pay for that spot anyway" contracts with states and counties ensures a steady dividend for Boomer retirement portfolios.

Damn, a 3-fer, unless you add in:

4-fer - Destruction of the family unit. Right Wing News Fader for children being reared in absentee father households, many financially challenged. Paternal interactions are constrained.

Which makes it a 4-fer, a Discrimination Home Run! Unconscionable in a civilized society.